Since the pandemic broke, there has been a lot of false information and myths on the internet. It can be incredibly difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. This is especially the case when everyone claims to be an expert on medical matters. 

Of course, it is only natural that we have some questions and concerns when there have been lots of new things introduced to our lives that we may have never even considered before. The vaccination, for example, has caused a lot of debate with some people deciding that they do not want to get vaccinated because of the speed at which this vaccine has been brought onto the market and therefore the lack of time by which they can do adequate research. However, there are other people who have not needed to think twice about getting the vaccine to protect themselves and others from Covid-19.

There has also been a lot of questions about the testing situation with regard to the coronavirus. We all know that a PCR test is a much more effective approach when compared with a lateral flow test. In fact, if you test positive and you have taken a lateral flow test, you are always advised to go and take a PCR test to make sure that the positive resort you received is accurate. However, there have been a few little murmurs regarding the safety of PCR tests and you may be wondering whether or not it is safe to take such a test.

Are PCR tests safe?

The first concern that a lot of people have is that a PCR test could cause the virus to spread further because people are going to be handling samples from people who have tested positive. However, if the correct precautions have been taken, there should be nothing to worry about in this regard. 

Everyone who handles a Covid-19 test will need to wear a hazmat suit and all of the correct protection. This will make sure that their skin does not come into contact with the virus. They will also follow the rigorous hand washing routine that has been implemented and has been advised to people all around the world to protect themselves from this virus. Therefore, if you are someone who is going to be testing someone else or you work in the healthcare sector and you come into contact with people all of the time you are dealing with Covid patients, while it is only natural to be concerned, you can rest assured knowing that if all of the correct steps have been taken then there should be no reason to worry about the spread of the virus any further.

There have also been some rumours regarding the test themselves and whether or not they can result in other diseases or issues, for example, there was a rumour going around that PCR tests and lateral flow tests could cause cancer. This is due to the ethylene oxide sterilization that is used. However, it is important to point out that this is a widely used process that is regulated by worldwide safety standards and so there is truly nothing to worry about in this regard.

Choose a supplier carefully

However, we must stress the importance of making sure that you purchase any PCR test or any other Covid-19 related items from a reputable medical supplier so you can be sure that they have been made to the highest of standards and that the correct materials have been used in the process. Take your time to make sure that the provider you select has plenty of experience in the industry and has a good reputation to back it up. You should also make sure that they have the correct certification and accreditation. This will prove that they adhere to the stringent standards that are in place in the industry when it comes to Covid-19.

Finally, some people are concerned about the hygiene element when it comes to using the same swap for your throat and your nose. So long as you use the swab on the back of your throat first and then your nose second, you do not have anything to worry about in this regard. It is proving to be completely safe and so you certainly should not put yourself off from getting a test if you had any symptoms.