Health checkups are an important part of staying healthy for anyone. They can help to detect health problems that may be present both before and after they have produced any symptoms. Women must be aware of the health problems that can affect them, and particularly their reproductive organs at different stages in their life. Female health checkups are designed to screen for some of the most common health problems that women can experience, including certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer.

Trinity Medical Centre provides female health checkups for women in Hong Kong. Our skilled staff make up our Medical Centre and Diagnostic and Imaging teams so that we can provide a full service to our female patients. We are dedicated to providing high-quality health care to the community and helping women to achieve their best health.

Types of Female Health Checkups 

Women can benefit from having several health checkups and screens to check for signs of certain illnesses. Breast cancer and cervical cancer are two of the most common types of cancer in women. The earlier these cancers are detected, the earlier they can be treated and the more successful the treatment is likely to be. Screening for these cancers can detect them early so that they can be treated as soon as possible.

Breast Cancer Screening

Screening for breast cancer is an essential health check for adult women. A doctor might sometimes begin with a physical examination of the breasts, especially if you are concerned about an abnormality or if you have any breast pain. However, the best way to determine if there are any signs of breast cancer is to perform a mammogram.

A mammogram is an X-ray picture of the breast. The test is carried out using a machine with two plates. The breast is placed on the bottom plate, with the top plate firmly pressing down from above. This flattens the breast to ensure a good X-ray image and holds it still while the imaging is being completed. While a mammogram can feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t take long to complete. At Trinity Medical Centre, we use a more comfortable 3D mammography, which is a tomosynthesis-guided biopsy.

A radiologist will then look at the images of the breasts to check for signs of breast cancer or any other issues that could be present.

Cervical Cancer Screening

Whereas breast cancer is more common for older women, cervical cancer is more common for younger women. Regular screening for cervical cancer can help to detect it early, as well as pick up pre-cancerous cells.

Cervical cancer has been linked to human papillomavirus (HPV). A cervical screening, also called a smear test or pap smear, checks for certain types of HPV. It also looks at whether there are any changes in the cells of the cervix. If any changes in the cells are detected, they can be treated before they turn into cervical cancer.

Cervical screening is carried out by first using a tool called a speculum, which is inserted into the vagina and opened out so that the cervix can be seen. A soft brush is then used to take samples of cells from the cervix. The sample will then be tested for HPV and to check for changes in the cells. Everything is completed discreetly and with the aim of helping the patient to retain their dignity as much as possible.

Other Female Health Checkups

There are also other health checkups that women can benefit from to check their overall health. We can screen for different types of cancer, perform blood analysis, check the function of the liver and kidneys, screen for diabetes, and more. All of these tests are designed to assess your physical health and detect health problems as soon as possible. If any issues are highlighted by the tests, you can discuss them with a doctor and talk about what the next steps for treatment or management might be.

The Importance of Regular Female Health Checkups

Regular health checkups can provide you with peace of mind. It reassures you of all of the ways you are healthy and draws attention to any parts of your health that might require your attention. If any serious health issues are detected, it ensures you know about them early so that you can treat them sooner. Waiting for symptoms to appear could mean that a health problem has progressed further and might be more difficult to treat.

Women should be sure to have regular health checkups to screen for common female health problems. Browse our health check plans to find more information on booking your female health check in Hong Kong.

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