Too many men delay medical checkups or don’t go to the doctor at all. According to a study, only 60% of men get an annual male health check up. At Trinity Medical, we appreciate that health check ups can be inconvenient and embarrassing. That is precisely why our team is specially trained to help you make the most of your health. Indeed, regular checkups are an essential part of health management. They can contribute to prolonging your life, maintaining your quality of life, enhancing comfort at every stage of your life, and simply keeping you healthy and happy. 

We know that making an appointment with the doctor can be daunting when you don’t know what to expect. So, we’ve compiled below a brief overview of which checkups are necessary depending on your age and your situation.

Different types of male health checks 

Every man can benefit from regular screenings to safeguard their health. Frequents checkup appointments will serve many purposes:

  • They keep a history of your health, ensuring your doctor can monitor progress or spot differences rapidly. 
  • They keep track of different health risks within your family history, age group, or specific professional situation. 
  • They monitor your health index throughout your life. This is compared to your age group in the Hong Kong location. 

There are many different types of health checks. However, when it comes to men’s health, our team recommend new patients to take the following health screenings:

  • Blood pressure: This is a yearly check for cardiovascular health. High blood pressure contributes to heart conditions, kindness issues, and even stroke risks. 
  • Cholesterol level: High cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart disease. Doctors measure your cholesterol with a blood sample. 
  • Prostate check: Prostate cancer screening is essential for men over 50. You can also request a screening if there is a known risk in your family. 
  • Colon and rectum exam: Colorectal cancers are unfortunately a risk for many men over 50. 
  • Diabetes: Diabetes refers to an abnormal blood glucose level. This can lead to high blood pressure and contribute to heart disease. 
  • Ethnic risk screening: individuals of South China are at high risks of developing nasopharyngeal cancer. 
  • Liver health checks: The Asian population has one of the highest risks of liver cancer. Therefore, we recommend getting screened as soon as you suspect liver cancer symptoms. 

Essential checkups based on age

We recommend arranging for regular health checks if you are aware of certain health conditions that run in your family. Additionally, some conditions and ethnicities are more vulnerable than others to risks.

However, if you are new to health checks and don’t know where to start, here’s our list of essential males checkups per age group.

Men in their 20s and 30s

We recommend STD screening tests for sexually active men without being in a long-term relationship.

Regular checkups such as blood pressure and weight checks are essential.

Individuals with high-risk factors in their family should start relevant cancer screenings based on family history.

If there is a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes in your family, these will be tested regularly.

We advise screening for testicular cancer, as well as performing monthly self-exams.

Cholesterol tests happen every 5 years, starting from your first checkup.

We also monitor potential symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer, including a lump in the neck, tinnitus, blocked nose, and nosebleeds.

Men in their 40s

We will continue existing screenings for pre-existing conditions or individuals at high risk.

Diabetes screenings occur every 3 years or yearly for individuals at high risk. High diabetes results can contribute to liver cancer. If you have high diabetes, we would also recommend a liver function test.

Standard health checks need to involve prostate cancer screening.

Depending on your health condition, your doctor could recommend screening for coronary diseases.

Men in their 50s

We continue existing tests.

We will also recommend a liver cancer screening for individuals with high diabetes who suspect liver cancer symptoms.

Colon and rectum cancer screenings are advisable for individuals over 50.

Men in their 60s

On top of existing health checkups, we often recommend screenings for dementia and depression,

Men in their 70s and over

We monitor existing screenings. We often recommend screening for osteoporosis, eye and hearing health.

Why male health checkups matter in Hong Kong

Regular health checkups can prevent unexpected bad surprises. If a condition is spotted early, it can be manageable and treatable. Keeping track of your health can not only prolong your life but also strengthen your health. Additionally, our patients often find that regular checkups can save them money and worries in the long run!

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact our team to arrange for a male health checkup.

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