What is an X-Ray?

An X-ray is used to produce the images of inner structures of body (e.g. bones particularly). Clients may not feel any pain because it processes quickly and non-invasively. X-ray beams are invisible. They penetrate your body in the way of particle (photons) and were absorbed at different rates. But the bones will block some X-ray beams of this pattern. So, this makes them white and grey in the images.


It is a crucial technology in helping doctors to make diagnose of different clinical conditions, such as:

  • Fractures and infections
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Heart lesions
  • Lung lesions (e.g. pneumonia, pneumonedema, tuberculosis or cancer)
  • Digestive tract problems
  • Foreign body obstruction

What to expect

Taking Xray examination is simple and fast which usually lasts no more than 15 minutes. The specific exam time depends on different exam parts of body.

Once you register at reception, you will be guided to a private changing room in which you can get a specific exam gown. Personal belongings are not appropriate to be used during the examination. You can keep them in a secure locker. When you have changed the clothes, the radiographer will bring you to a private room and consult some relevant questions with you before taking the examination.


What to notice afterwards

X-ray images can be generated and viewed quickly. You may go home after exam immediately. If there are some abnormal changes or fractures, our doctors may refer you to the hospital.

Your wet films and written reports will be sent within 24 hours or you may come again and collect them in our center in person.

What to let us know?

If you are pregnant or suspect yourself pregnant, please notify our staff in advance of the exam. Although the dose we use on X-ray exam has little harm to fetus, the doctor will suggest you to do ultrasound instead.

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