4 Tips to Ward Off Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the natural enemy of every woman that gives away your age!

To effectively smooth out wrinkles, you must first understand the causes of wrinkles. Most of the faint and visible light lines are caused by dry skin and lack of water, while the clear deep lines formed due to the loss of collagen in the skin. Here are 4 tips to help reduce wrinkle formation.


Tip 1: Always apply sunscreen!

Ultraviolet radiation is the culprit that damages the collagen in the skin, so it is necessary to apply enough sunscreen daily to protect collagen from UV damage.


Tip 2: Regular exfoliation to speed up the skin’s metabolic cycle

Regular exfoliation removes old keratin and promotes active skin metabolism to increase collagen production.


Tip 3: Activating collagen production with medical aesthetics treatments

The root cause of wrinkles is the loss of collagen. To combat ageing, continuous replenishment of collagen in the skin is necessary. In addition to consuming more collagen from food or applying skincare products containing collagen for daily maintenance, it is essential to use medical aesthetics technology to effectively stimulate collagen production in the dermis to supply sufficient collagen for the skin.


Tip 4: Replenish water on the skin

After supplementing collagen, a step to replenish the skin of its water content is crucial, which is often ignored by most people. Because there is an inseparable symbiotic relationship between water and collagen, only by adding enough water to the skin we can create a healthy environment for optimal collagen growth and continuous regeneration to prevent premature skin ageing and wrinkles.


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