M3CRC – Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test




M3CRC (with Doctor Consultation)


colorectal cancer risk prediction test that detects non-advanced adenoma and adenoma recurrence


M3CRC - Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test

M3CRC - Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test

M3CRC - Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test

M3CRC - Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test

M3CRC - Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test

M3CRC - Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction Test

Sensitivity in detecting adenomas and early detection of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) has been the commonest and second deadliest cancer in Hong Kong since2013. Most CRCs develop from small polyps (see figure) that are treatable but often undetected.

Various non-invasive tests for CRC are currently available in the market, but they fail to address the need in detecting small polyps for preventative care.

FIT (fecal immunochemical test), the most common of these tests, has a sensitivity of just 7.6% for small polyps. The stool DNA test, one of the newest CRC screening test, similarly only has a sensitivity of 17.2% for small polyps. (Imperiale, NEJM, 2014)

The advantages of M3CRC

M3CRC is a world’s only non-invasive colorectal cancer risk prediction test that defects non-advanced adenoma , the sensitivity of CRC is 94% comparable to colonoscopy10 and the specificity is 85%, sensitivity superior to currently available non-invasive test in detecting adenomas. (especially small polyps)


M3CRC Sensitivity detection

CRC – 94%

AA – 47%

Naa – 44%

Adenoma Recurrence – Can up to 90%


*at 85% specificity

CRC: colorectal cancer

‍AA: advanced adenoma

‍nAA: non-advanced adenoma

#Sample size increased since the publication of Ref. 10. Data on file.


Flexible stool collection at home

Please follow this video guide to collect the stool sample.

To ensure the accuracy of the testing, please read the following notes carefully:


  • Maintain regular diet within 2 weeks;
  • Avoid antibiotics within 4 weeks;
  • Avoid probiotics within 4 weeks;
  • Do not collect the stool sample when it is watery due to diarrhoea and when there is bleeding from haemorrhoids and menstruation;
  • Follow the Guide to collect the sample carefully. Return the sample within 24 hours.



Instructions for use

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