【X’mas 10% Discount Promotion】South China Allergy Profile


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【X’mas 10% Discount Promotion】South China Allergy Profile


The South China Allergy Profile is one of the most common blood tests used for detecting allergies. It measures the total level of IgE – a substance that triggers immediate allergic reactions – in a person’s body. The test covers food and environmental allergen profiles, including primary foods such as eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat, nuts, fish, and fruits, as well as pet dander, dust mites, mould, trees, and grass.


華南過敏原組合測試 South China Allergy Profile
免疫球蛋白E Total Immunoglobulin E (IgE)
貓毛皮屑 Cat Dander Epithelium
狗毛皮屑 Dog Dander Epithelium
嚙齒類家居寵物類 (天竺鼠皮屑, 兔子皮屑, 倉鼠皮屑, 大鼠, 小鼠) Rodent Pets (Guinea pig epithelium, Rabbit epithelium, Hamster epithelium, Rat, Mouse)
家居致敏原 (屋塵蟎, 粉塵蟎, 家居塵埃, 蟑螂) House Dust Mite Mix (D.pteronyssinus, D.farinae, House dust-greer, Cockroach)
霉菌類 (青黴菌, 分枝胞子菌, 煙麴黴,白色念珠菌, 鏈格孢菌) Mould Mix (Penicillium notatum, Cladosporium herbarum, A.fumigatus, C.albicans, Alternaria tenuis)
牧草類 (狗牙根草, 黑麥草, 貓尾草, 六月草, 石茅, 百喜草) Grass Mix (Bermuda grass, Perennial ryegrass, Timothy grass, June grass, Johnson grass,
Bahia grass)
樹木類 (橄欖樹, 柳樹, 白松樹, 尤嘉利樹, 相思樹, 千層樹) Tree Mix (Olive, Willow, White pine, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Melaleuca)
雜草類 (普通豚草, 艾草, 車前草, 藜草, 風滾草) Weed Mix (Common ragweed, Mugwort, English plantain, Lamb’s Quarter,
Russian thistle)
牛肉 Beef
豬肉 Pork
雞肉 Chicken meat
龍蝦 Lobster
鱈魚 Codfish
小麥 Wheat
燕麥 Oat
稻米 Rice
馬鈴薯 Potato
大豆 Soybean
花生 Peanut
番茄 Tomato
蜜瓜 Melon
牛奶 Cow Milk
蛋白 Egg White
蛋黃 Egg Yolk
切德乳酪 Cheddar cheese
巧克力 Chocolate
麵包酵母 Baker yeast
堅果類 (花生, 榛子, 巴西堅果, 杏仁, 椰子) Nut Mix (Peanut, Hazelnut, Brazil nut, Almond, Coconut)
水果類 (奇異果, 芒果, 香蕉, 菠蘿) Fruits Mix (Kiwi Fruit, Mango, Banana, Pineapple)



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Terms and Conditions

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  • The voucher, which must be paid on or before 1 January 2024, can be used at Central , Causeway Bay or Tsim Sha Tsui Trinity Medical Centre.
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