優越心血管健康身體檢查套餐 Premium Cardiovascular Screening Health Check-up Plan



優越心血管健康身體檢查套餐 Premium Cardiovascular Screening Health Check-up Plan


磁力共振掃瞄 MRI

– 全身血管造影檢查 MRA Whole Body


電腦掃描 Computer Tomography

– 冠狀動脈造影Coronary Angiogram

– 冠狀動脈鈣化評分 Calcium Score for Coronary Angiogram


血液分析 Blood Analysis

血全像 Complete Blood Count

– 血紅素 Hb

– 血球容積 HCT

– 血小板 PLT

– 白血球 WBC

– 紅血球 RBC

– 紅血球大小分佈寬度 RDW

– 平均血球容積 MCV

– 平均紅血球血紅素量 MCH

– 平均紅血球血紅素濃度 MCHC

– 白血球五項分類 WBC Differential Count


糖尿篩查 Diabetes Screening

– 空腹血糖 Glucose (Fasting)

– 糖化血色素 HbA1c


心臟病風險篩查 Cardiovascular Risk Screening

肌鈣蛋白-I Troponin I

肌酸激酶 Creatine Kinase

同半胱胺酸 Homocysteine

全面血脂膽固醇 Lipid Profile

– 總膽固醇Total Cholesterol

– 三酸甘油脂Triglycerides

– 高密度脂蛋白膽固醇HDL Cholesterol

– 低密度脂蛋白膽固醇LDL Cholesterol

– 總/高密度膽固醇Total/HDL Chol Ratio


痛風篩查 Gout Screening

– 尿酸 Uric Acid


甲狀腺評估 Thyroid Assessment

– 游離甲狀腺素 Free T4


骨骼代謝 Bone Metabolism

– 鈣 Calcium

– 無機磷 Phosphorus, Inorganic


肝功能篩查 Liver Function Screening

– 谷丙轉氨酶ALT

– 谷草轉氨酶 AST

– 鹼性磷酸酶 Alkaline Phosphatase

– 丙種谷氨轉移肽酶 Gamma Glutamyl Transferase

– 總膽紅素 Total Bilirubin

– 直接膽紅素 Direct Bilirubin

– 間接膽紅素 Indirect Bilirubin

– 總蛋白質 Total Protein

– 白蛋白Albumin

– 球蛋白 Globulin

– 白蛋白及球蛋白比率 A/G Ratio


腎功能篩查 Renal Function Screening

– 尿素Urea

– 肌酸酐Creatinine

– 鈉Sodium

– 鉀Potassium

– 氯化物Chloride

– 碳酸氫鈉Bicarbonate


尿液常規評估 Urinalysis

– 外觀 Appearance

– 潛血 RBC

– 酮體 KET

– 比重 SG

– 酸鹼值 pH

– 膽紅素 BIL

– 尿膽原 URO

– 尿白血球 LEU

– 尿糖 GLU

– 尿蛋白 PRO

– 尿沉渣 Urine Sediments

– 亞硝酸鹽 NIT


健康生活評估 Life Style Evaluation

– 健康問卷 Health Questionnaire

– 體格檢查 Physical Examination


報告解釋 Report Explanation

– 本中心註冊醫生解釋檢查結果 Report interpreted and explained by centre registered physician



如何使用Instructions for use:

  • 需在有效期或之前兌換 Must be used on or before the expiration date
  • 請出示確認信息、訂單號、登記全名和電話號碼以進行驗證 Please show your confirmation information, order number, registered full name and phone number for verification


條款和細則Terms and Conditions:

  • 此券只適用於全仁醫務中心 This voucher is only valid for Trinity Medical Center.
  • 網店限定,只接受網上付款 This offer for Trinity eshop only.
  • 此券必須在2022年2月28日或之前完成付款,可在中環全仁醫務中心使用 The voucher, which must be paid on or before Feb 28, 2022, can be used at Central Trinity Medical Centre.
  • 請先預約服務,服務必須在2022年3月31日或之前完成預約及檢查 All services must be booked and completed on or before 31 Mar 2022.
  • 客人如需要更改已預約之檢查日期及時間,必須於檢查前3日通知本中心客服更改,否則不可更改預約及不設退款 If customer need to change the appointment, they must call our customer service hotline 3 days before the examination, otherwise the appointment cannot be changed and no refund will be provided.
  • 此券不可退款,不可兌換成全部或部分現金 This voucher is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for full or partial cash.
  • 登記時必須帶同此券交給前台 You must bring this ticket to the front desk when you register.
  • 此券不可與其他任何優惠及促銷活動一起使用 This voucher cannot be used with any other special offers and promotions.
  • 此券逾期無效(COVID-19相關政策除外) This voucher is not valid after expiration (except for COVID-19 policy).
  • 如果此券遺失或被盜,我們將不承擔任何責任,在這種情況下將不提供任何補發 If this voucher is lost or stolen, we will not accept any liability and will not provide any reissue in such case.
  • 如有任何問題,請致電2192 7022或發送電子郵件至 . If you have any questions, please call 2192 7022 or email
  • 全仁醫務中心保留此活動最終解釋權 Trinity Medical Center reserves the right to amend the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Trinity Medical Center reserves all rights for final decision.


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