【Causeway Bay Clinic】Female Mammography Health Check-up Plan


  • Recommended for 40 years old or above female
  • Recommended for regular gynecological check-ups
  • The program focuses on key gynecological screening items such as breast, uterus, and ovaries
  • Special offer for AM & PM period
  • Services provided by a professional female medical team
  • Specially designated areas for women, catering to the high privacy requirements of female clients

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【Causeway Bay Clinic】Female Mammography Health Check-up Plan

Duration of Check-up Plan: Approximately 30-45 minutes


Trinity Medical’s Female Mammography Health Check-up Plan provides key gynecological screening procedures for women, with the results explained by registered doctors to ensure peace of mind.


Key Gynecological Screening Procedures:


Mammography, also known as “breast X-ray,” involves compressing the breasts and capturing X-ray images. It is a method used to detect breast issues. Women over the age of 40 should undergo mammography every 2 years. This examination helps in detecting microcalcifications, breast nodules, tumors, or other abnormalities. It can also differentiate between cysts and benign or malignant masses, making it highly valuable for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.


Ultrasound of Pelvis:

Ultrasound of Pelvis is a non-invasive examination that utilizes ultrasound technology to examine the uterus, cervix, bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and other pelvic organs. This examination helps in detecting abnormalities in pelvic organs such as cysts, uterine fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, or ovarian cancer. Pelvic ultrasound is a painless and side-effect-free procedure, crucial for the early detection of pelvic organ pathologies.


Cervical Smear Test:

The cervical smear test primarily detects the risk of cervical cell abnormalities. This test helps in early detection of abnormal cervical cells, enabling prompt treatment. It is highly essential for preventing cervical cancer and other gynecological issues.


Our specialized gynecological imaging examination can identify potential health issues and provide valuable information about your body’s health. Please schedule an appointment immediately to help us assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of your health risks and receive relevant health management advice.


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Health Check-up Plan Details:

【Causeway Bay Clinic】Female Mammography Health Check-up Plan


檢測項目 內容
Breast Imaging 3D Digital Mammography (bilateral)*
Ultrasound Ultrasound of Pelvis (TA)
Cervix Disease Examination ThinPrep Pap Test#
Report Explanation Report interpreted and explained by centre registered physician
*Only available for 40 years old or above women

#available for women who have sexual experience


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