【Central Clinic Exclusive】Platinum Health Care Plan



【Central Clinic Exclusive】Platinum Health Care Plan

Duration of Check-up Plan: Approximately 60-90 minutes


MRI Brain

  • MRI Brain can help doctors detect stroke risk factors at an early stage. It provides detailed information about brain structure and function, including brain lesions, tumors, cerebral hemorrhage, and more. This helps doctors assess brain health.

MRA Neck and Brain

  • Neck and brain vessel MRI evaluates the condition of the carotid arteries and cerebral arteries. It can detect issues such as vascular narrowing, thrombosis, and aneurysms. Additionally, it measures indicators such as vessel wall thickness, plaque presence, and blood flow velocity, which are important indicators of stroke risk. Based on these assessments, doctors can determine the level of stroke risk and develop appropriate preventive measures.

MRI Whole Abdomen

  • MRI Whole Abdomen examines abdominal organs such as the liver, bile ducts, kidneys, spleen, intestines, pancreas, adrenal glands, and blood vessels. This comprehensive examination can detect tumors in the abdomen or pelvic region, liver diseases like cirrhosis, abnormalities in the bile ducts and pancreas, inflammatory bowel disease or tumors such as Crohn’s disease or colon tumors, vascular abnormalities, and vasculitis, among others.

Coronary Angiogram and Calcium Score

  • Coronary Angiogram and Calcium Score are common methods used to assess cardiovascular health and diagnose coronary artery disease. If there is insufficient blood supply or blockage in the coronary arteries, it can lead to serious consequences such as heart attacks or heart failure. Coronary angiography helps identify the location, severity, and blood flow in blocked arteries. Calcium scoring examines arterial calcification, which is an indicator of atherosclerosis. Early detection of coronary artery calcification allows for preventive measures such as lifestyle changes, medication treatments, further tests, and interventions to reduce the occurrence of heart events.

CT Thorax: Low Dose Screening

  • Compared to traditional chest X-rays, low-dose thorax CT scans can reduce radiation exposure by 60-80%, significantly lowering the radiation risk during the examination. This is particularly important for high-risk individuals who require regular screenings, such as smokers. Moreover, low-dose chest CT scans provide clearer and more detailed chest CT images, helping doctors detect early abnormalities in the lungs, such as small nodules and interstitial lung diseases. This improves the accuracy of early diagnosis.

Ultrasound of Thyroid

  • Thyroid diseases, including hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer, are quite common, especially in women aged 20 to 50. Thyroid ultrasound scanning is the most common method for evaluating thyroid structure. This ultrasound examination observes the size, shape, and structure of the thyroid gland and is used to detect thyroid nodules, thyroid inflammation, and hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Health Lifestyle Assessment

  • This assessment allows for a deeper understanding of your health condition. Trinity Medical’s healthcare professionals will engage in thorough communication with you to understand your specific needs and concerns, enabling them to recommend the most suitable health checkup program for you.


Please make an appointment immediately so that we can help you fully understand your health risks and provide corresponding health management advice.



Health Check-up Plan Details:

trinity medical centre_Platinum Health Care Plan_detail

Items Content
MRI – MRI Brain (plain)
– MRA Neck (plain)
– MRA Brain (plain)
– MRI Whole Abdomen (Upper Abdomen & Pelvis) (plain)
CT – CT Coronary Angiogram (contrast)
– CT Calcium Score for Coronary Angiogram (contrast)
– Low Dose CT Thorax (plain)
Ultrasound – USG of Thyroid
Cardiovascular Function Assessment – Resting ECG
Cancer Marker – AFP
– CA19.9
– CA72.4
– EBV Antibody, IgA
Blood Analysis CBC
-WBC Diffrential Count
Diabetic Screening – Glucose (Fasting)
– HbA1c
Cardiovascular Risk Screening – Troponin I
– Homocysteine
Lipid Profile
– Total Cholesterol
– Triglycerides
– HDL Cholesterol
– LDL Cholesterol
– Total/HDL Chol Ratio
Gout Screening – Uric Acid
Thyroid Function – Free T4
Bone Metabolism – Calcium
– Phosphorus, Inorganic
Heptatis Screening – HBsAg
– HBsAb
Liver Function – ALT
– Alkaline Phosphatase
– Total Bilirubin
– Direct Bilirubin
– Total Protein
– Albumin
– Globulin
Renal Function – Urea
– Creatinine
– Sodium
– Potassium
– Chloride
– Bicarbonate
Urinalysis – Appearance
– SG
– pH
– Urine Sediments
Gastrointestinal Assessment – Stool Routine (Ova and Parasite)
– Stool Occult Blood (Human Haemoglobin)
Life Style Evaluation – Physical Examination
Report Explanation – Report interpreted and explained by centre registered physician


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