Imaging Services

1.5T MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is designed to produce detailed images of internal organ using magnet, radio waves and computer program.

256-Slice CT Scan

Computerized Tomography, CT in short, is a sophisticated technology that can produce a series of cross-sectional images of human body.

3D Mammography

Mammogram is a breast examination designed by specialized X-ray instrument. It is one of the best exam methods till now of detecting any abnormal changes in the breasts. Mammogram is very sensitive to find small lumps which are hard to be felt by touching.


An ultrasound scan is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of your body.


An X-ray is used to produce the images of inner structures of body (e.g. bones particularly). Clients may not feel any pain because it processes quickly and non-invasively. X-ray beams are invisible. They penetrate your body in the way of particle (photons) and were absorbed at different rates.

Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics helps improve appearance and self-confidence. Trinity Medical Aesthetics team is professional and reliable, and carefully provides solutions for client skin problems and improves skin quality.