There’s no denying that the advances in medical technology mean that doctors have access to a wide array of diagnostic equipment to help diagnose problems quickly and easily. One such example is the MRI scan. 

An MRI scan delivers precise images of target areas in a safe and controlled manner. At Trinity Medical Centre, we provide MRI scanning services from our medical imaging centre in Central, Hong Kong.

We use state of the art imaging technology to ensure our highly skilled radiologists can provide your doctor with the photographic evidence they need to reach an accurate and timely conclusion for any medical concerns they have about your body.

What Is an MRI Scan?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. An MRI scan uses radio waves, magnetic fields, and computer technologies to produce precise imagery. It’s a safe imaging technology as it emits no radiation, and it doesn’t have any known side effects.

The scanner itself is a large tube that contains strong magnets, and you lie inside the tube while the magnets combined with radio waves produced detailed images of the scan areas on your body.

MRI scans can get used to examine virtually all parts of the body. For example, a brain MRI can examine brain functions and structure. An MRI lumbar spine examination will examine your lower spine.

Other examples include a cardiac MRI, which produced detailed images of your heart, and an MRI cervical spine exam helps diagnose the cause of neck pain. At Trinity Medical Centre in Central, our team can conduct those types of MRI scans and more.

How Does an MRI Scan Work? 

An MRI scan is a painless, non-surgical procedure that takes between 15 to 90 minutes to complete, depending on the scan area and the number of images required.

Once you are ready for your scan, the radiographer will ask you to lie down on a special table facing upwards. The table then moves slowly towards the inner tube of the scanner, where the scanning will begin.

You will hear some noises from the apparatus as it scans your body; this is normal as the technology gets to work producing the required images. During the procedure, you will need to lie perfectly still to produce the best results.

Contrast Agents

If your doctor needs to view tissue and blood vessels clearly within the imagery, you will get asked to consume a contrast agent. It contains gadolinium and is a solution that helps to increase the cellular-level contrast, hence the name.

It’s similar to what you might need to have if you were getting a CT scan or an x-ray, for example. Most people don’t experience any allergic reactions to an MRI with contrast agents; your radiographer will advise whether it’s suitable for you to consume.

What to Expect

Before the scan begins, you will get shown to a private changing room where you’ll need to put on a gown. If you wear jewellery, you’ll need to remove it; we will provide you with a secure storage facility for your belongings.

You’ll then get asked some questions relevant to your scan; doing so enables the radiographer to confirm that you can undergo an MRI scan. Next, you’ll get asked to lay down on the MRI scan table and remain still as it moves you towards the scanning tube.

After the scan, you can get changed back into your clothes and put on your jewellery. 

What Happens After My MRI Scan?

MRI scans are unlikely to make you feel any pain or become uncomfortable. Some people with anxiety or claustrophobia may experience feeling unwell. In such cases, it’s crucial to let the radiographer know before the scan.

Most people won’t experience any ill effects from their MRI scans and so can continue with the rest of their day as usual. If you needed to take a sedative before your MRI scan, you may need someone to take you home, where you should rest for the remainder of the day.

Our radiographer will write a report on their findings and provide the imagery with that. If requested, they can go directly to your doctor.

What Equipment Do You Use for MRI Scans?  

At Trinity Medical Centre, we use the latest Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI scanning technology, and we’re only one of five medical facilities in all of Hong Kong that use it. The MRI scanner we use boasts high-definition imagery and completes whole-body scans in only 30 minutes.

Contact us today if you’d like to schedule an appointment for an MRI scan.