帶狀疱疹 (生蛇) 疫苗 + 醫生諮詢 Shingles Vaccine with doctor Consultation



帶狀疱疹 (生蛇) 疫苗 + 醫生諮詢







• 只需一針(皮下接種);
• 接種前會先面見我們的普通科醫生,評估客戶的身體狀況,判斷是否適合接種,然後由我們專業的註冊護士負責接種。
• 接種後,可能會出現輕度和短暫的副作用,包括接種部位腫脹,瘙癢,硬腫塊,皮膚發紅,頭痛,四肢疼痛等。






• 需在有效期或之前兌換
• 請出示確認信息、訂單號、登記全名和電話號碼以進行驗證



• 此券只適用於全仁醫務中心。
• 此券必須在2021年10月31日或之前完成付款,可在中環或尖沙咀全仁醫務中心使用。
• 服務必須在2021月11月30日或之前完成預約及接種。
• 此券不可退款,不可兌換成全部或部分現金。
• 登記時必須帶同此券交給前台。
• 此券不可與其他任何優惠及促銷活動一起使用。
• 此券逾期無效(COVID-19相關政策除外)。
• 如果此券遺失或被盜,我們將不承擔任何責任,在這種情況下將不提供任何補發。
• 如有任何問題,請致電2192 7022或發送電子郵件至
• 全仁醫務中心保留此活動最終解釋權。


Shingles Vaccine with doctor Consultation

Provided by MSD, approved by US FDA and EU EMA


Recommended vaccination population:

People who aged 50 or above (suitable for people who have had shingles)


Vaccination guidelines:

• Single-dose under the skin (subcutaneous injection)
• Our doctor will first evaluate the condition of clients and decides to inject or not, and then will be injected by our professional registered nurse.
• After injection, mild and transient side-effects may occur, including swelling at the injection site, itching, hard lump, skin redness, headache, pain in the limbs, etc.


People should not get the vaccine:

People who are allergic to components in the vaccine, people with tuberculosis, leukaemia, lymphoma, people who are on immunosuppressive therapy, women who are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, people who are having shingles, etc.


Instructions for use:

• Must be used on or before the expiration date.
• Please show your confirmation information, order number, registered full name and phone number for verification


Terms and Conditions:
• This voucher is only valid for Trinity Medical Center.
• The voucher, which must be paid on or before 31 Oct, 2021, can be used at Central or Tsim Sha Tsui Trinity Medical Centre.
• All services must be booked and completed on or before 30 Nov 2021.
• This voucher is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for full or partial cash.
• You must bring this ticket to the front desk when you register.
• This voucher cannot be used with any other special offers and promotions.
• This voucher is not valid after expiration (except for COVID-19 policy).
• If this voucher is lost or stolen, we will not accept any liability and will not provide any reissue in such case.
• If you have any questions, please call 2192 7022 or email
• Trinity Medical Center reserves the right to amend the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In case of any disputes, Trinity Medical Center reserves all rights for final decision.


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